Fixed Wireless Internet
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Monthly Service


$49 - Basic 
10 Mbps download, 2 upload
 (1 Mbps upload on LTE)
$69 - Family
15 Mbps download, 4 upload 
(1.5 Mbps  upload on LTE) 
 $89 - Home Business
20 Mbps download, 5 upload 

(2 Mbps  upload on LTE)
$99 - Business 
25 Mbps download, 8 Mbps upload $99/month

$150 - Premium 
50 Mbps download, 20 Mbps upload

All advertised service speeds are "up-to", actual speeds may vary. It is our goal to deliver full advertised speeds at all times however unanticipated congestion or poor weather can affect actual results.
Ookla speed tests below 80% of advertised speeds are considered problamatic and will be investigated. All Customers are required to comply and agree with ProTek's Terms of use. A current copy of our terms of use can be downloaded HERE.


2-year Agreement (NO CONTRACT)
$50 Installation 
1-year Agreement (NO CONTRACT)
$100 Installation Price
0-year Agreement (NO CONTRACT)
$200 Installation
 ​We also provide and maintain the router! 
 There are no  monthly charges for the  equipment provided!

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